These are the top platforms where you will find me, plus some free content for you!

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YouTube Channel

We go live almost every Thursday at 8pm Eastern (U.S.) to share tips, tactics, and tools that help coaches and other service providers use live streaming as an effective marketing tool.


Podcast central

Our 3 companion podcasts are a mix of video and audio-based follow-ups to the weekly live stream where we unpack some of the key messages from each episode and share a look behind the scenes.


academy merch

I recently launched a Fourthwall store to carry my Stream Bosses Academy merch. My community members get to flex in style! We'll be adding more items to the site. Take a look inside.


amazon shop

My recommended gear organized according to categories like cameras, sound, accessories such as tripods, arms, and more. We also periodically go live inside the Amazon shop.


instagram live

I am about to deliver a Sunday night series every quarter on Instagram Live, focusing on a specific theme or topic related to streaming/video content, top advice on tech, marketing mistakes, and myths.



On my personal profile, I share professional updates but also time with family and friends, travel adventures, and other random lifestyle updates. It's a mashup but fun and real!


episode directory

Need a quick hitter list of episodes? I've created a list of shortlinks you can search here in my directory or simply email us for help!


ecamm Live

This is my platform of choice for live streaming. You can only use on a Mac OS so if you need an alternative, try Restream or Streamyard


Marketing magic

My go-to platform for AI! Marketing Magic is an AI-powered business growth tool that helps small business owners like us grow our brands, not our to-do lists.


Go Brunch

You wondering how I create amazing video rooms for my co-working and community building events? Go Brunch offers a whole different experience that is versatile and fun!


I'm working on adding our stash of free, high-value resources for you here...


quiz + report: discover your live vibe

How ready are you for live streaming superstardom? Navigating live video can be like wandering through a maze blindfolded, but it doesn't have to be. Think of your vibe as a measure of where you are now. Your outcome will spotlight your strengths in the live streaming space, and your main areas for development with video so you have a track to run on!


guide: 25 tips for a profitable live stream

This downloadable PDF is packed with expert advice and practical tips to help coaches and creators create livestreams that not only generate views, but also drive revenue for your business. From setting up your equipment to engaging your audience and promoting your streams effectively, this checklist covers the essentials for a successful stream.


webinar: Master on-camera confidence

Designed specifically for content creators who want to overcome camera shyness and project authenticity and confidence in every video they make. We’ll introduce you to the A.C.T. framework, which focuses on Authenticity, Connection, and Technique to help you engage deeply with your audience while simplifying the technical aspects of video creation.


webinar: common video funnel bottlenecks

Dive into the top five challenges that may be hindering your livestream success—from poor audience targeting and weak content strategies to ineffective calls to action, inadequate follow-up, and disruptive technical issues. Learn actionable strategies to overcome these bottlenecks, enhance viewer engagement, and maximize lead conversion.

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